Sunday, September 28, 2014

YouTube page!!!

I dedicate this this blog post to Jim Henson, happy belated birthday, and blessings to all who are part of the Jim Henson company.

Having lived the nomadic life as a child and my education suffered as a result of the constant change in curriculum, teachers, expectation , etc.. which is why I'm a huge supporter of education and alternative methods to educate children. When it comes to education, one key factor I feel is extremely important, is to encourage people of any age to enjoy learning. Learning had become a chore, causing students to suffer from mind blocks and can lead to difficulty in understanding new subjects.

Rather than view education in a negative fashion, I suggest a more pleasant approach. I'm admit, to being of the mind set of rather than change the child to make her or him learn, we should change our methods of learning. Our goal is to teach, not persevere out dated ideas.

I have started a page on YouTube, it is a work in progress, while being up dated. Also, I welcome any videos you may suggest. Please post them in the comments and if I think they are appropriate I will add them.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A personal note from the author

I wish to clarify some of my ideas and meaning behind my line of thinking..
Quite often I am mistaken as an atheist. I am not but I can understand why someone would get that impression. I am not personally offended that other people do not belief in a god. I see it as none of my business, to gives a (naughty-word)! I support keeping religion out of government and religious freedom. Apparently, that makes me extreme.

My view of god separates myself from even many polytheist and more so with monotheist. Gods have longed had many definitions, but unfortunately it has been combined with the notion of a creator. God or gods does not always mean creator. I follow the belief that god or gods are concepts that have developed a life of their own that lives on beyond its original creation.

These concepts are many, love and war, are two prime examples. Love and war, two concepts that are known in many forms. We often experience them through passion and conflict, they create life and death. They are both celebrated in many forms, ritual holidays included. Valentine's day and any countries independence day, for example. They come in symbols, heart and gun. Theses two concepts are so tie into our species nature, has altered our very labor of existence.

Of course, gods are formed from these concepts. Venus and Mars, as they ancient Greeks called them. They had many names.
They are ideas that have formed a life on its own. They are a creation of man, but two key components in our species evolution.

When I call on a god, it is the idea of what that represents. It being a literal being or simply a metaphor, honestly doesn't matter, it is the out of the idea, which changes always and keeps it alive. The key to the immortality of any god.

There is one term I truly disagree with is  "higher power." What is a higher power exactly? The vastness of space, is a size that is mind blowing. Yet the universe, as vast as it is, is not able to appreciate itself on all of its glory. Mountains can be created, craved and destroyed by a small stream of water and time. A volcano may have destroyed Pompeii, but Vesuviua never wrote a poem. So I don't believe in a higher power, but a different power.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Autumn Equinox

The year in many cultures is displayed as a circle, decorated by the season. As the Autumn equinox approaches, people blessed to be in a climate that have seasonal change, experience the vibrant colors in the foliage and that smell in the air, that tells you Autumn is here. I however, live in the tropics, so I have to be more creative.

The time of the equinoxes, whether spring or fall is when night and day are of equal durations. It marks the Greek Zoidca sign of Libra, the scale, the time of balance.

During this time of balance, it would do yourself and your family some good to cleanse away some of that negativity. The Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah is celebrated close to the equinox time period.
On the afternoon of Rosh Hashanah, the tradition of Tashlikh, which translates to cast away, where families throw stones symbolizing their sins, into a body of water leading to the ocean. You do not need to be Jewish or spiritual to see the physiology benefits this exercise provides. It's a physical activity, great for small children to adults. It's a great way to clear the air, for the Jewish New year or just to help restore the balance in your home.

 One night this month, I burned some sage, after I was done with it, I snuffed it out and left it on my sink. I do this with flammable objects like sage, for this very reason. This was a different kind of sage than I'm use too. It's dryer and after I thought I smudged it and it wasn't smoking, a cinder must have grown to have burned it all the way through. Thankfully, this mishap was contained in my sink and no real damage was done. Upon recognizing my own sensibility, I couldn't help but acknowledge that my home, in a sense cleansed itself.

As the snake sheds its skin, so must we shed what is dead in our lives,

After a good mental and spiritual cleansing, it is good to give your mind and spiritual positive boost. Hence why we have these rituals throughout out our lives. Although the wheels traditions can at times become mundane, you can always change things up.

Adding the tropics to your Autumn traditions!

1. Leaves, even if the leaves are green this time of year or not, this a great time of year to learn about different leaves. To teach children to identify both harmful leaves and editable ones. Some fun activities to try with this. Make leaf charts. Make leaf prints.

2. Death. This is an ideal time of year to discuss death. Whether in nature such as animal or plant, or historical example, such as dinosaurs or ancient ancestors or your personal dearly departed, this is a healthy time to teach children about our own mortality. As springs brings up subjects of sex and birth, the turning of the wheel must be dying and death. You could go to a historical museum to look at fossils. Put together a dinosaur skeleton puzzle. Pull out the old family albums or visit a graveyard.

3. Oranges, the tropics pumpkin. The Oranges grow naturally in tropical area's and where pumpkins have trouble in the heat. I will always carve a pumpkin, but decorating an orange with cloves is a fun and safe activity to add to your tradition.

4. Add tropical fruit to your traditional Autumn goodies. Banana Pumpkin Bread, add some pineapple to your maple coffee, put some orange slices in your Apple cider. All are great ways to incorporate the tropics into your Autumn holidays.

5. Collecting rocks and sea shells and painting them.
This is a great way to spend time with your family, doing something creative together.

I also suggest this fun book Bats at the Beach

No matter where you are, you can celebrate the coming of the cold months, make it memorable, no matter how you do it.
Happy Autumn Equinox to you all!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

the Teenager!

Her mother was a Victorian!

Out of all the different labels out there, one group is often overlooked in praise, overtly feared, primarily judged, least understood, which leads to them being aggressively controlled and penalised.

Don't do that thing
your grandpa did during the war!
Grandma showing off her pelvis!

Mom's hypocrisy!

The teenager, first to be locked up by authorities and first to be sent to war. Needless to say, the teenager gets a bad wrap from society. The time between childhood to adulthood, is a gray area, with diverse differences from the two groups they linger between. This time period is an important part of one's life. Its a defining aspect for most, as they separate themselves from generations past. Mainly their parents, but also society at large. It is a time of sexual fever, as hormones shape the nearly genderless body of a child into a man or woman. They naturally feel the desire to push away their past and embrace a future foreign to all generations present and past. Teenagers possess the power to sway society from fashion to war. Which is why authorities tend to have trouble with this age group the most. As the older generations may have the rules of today on their side, the teenager had already mastered the technology that will over throw the pasts powers. Teenagers, are scary to those who fear the future, for they are the reminder of their own mortality.
All about the Mtv!
Being a teenager isn't easy for most people. It's bad enough in dealing with the judgment of peers, but the condemnation of their elders. Always labeled lazy, yet difficult for many to find a job. Piled with expectations, with school, sports, extracurricular activities, for the dream to fall into crushing debt, just to have a job. Teenagers don't have it as easy as adults would like to believe. So I say you, be understanding of the teenager and all their faults. Allow your age to give you patience when dealing with them. Remember that they are struggling in their ever changing role from child to adult. Show them kindness.
Why are we attacking teenagers today
 for practicing a trend we started!