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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Spirituality of Fraggle Rock

 There are times I must dance my cares away. I have put my worries for another day. Sometimes its best to just let the music play....
And let myself go
Down to Fraggle Rock!

The full moon is today and I'm recovering from a really unpleasant illness.  As I breath, (sort of) a sigh of relief, I find myself in a gleeful mood and what comes to mind but one of the Henson Company's finest work (IMHO)  Fraggle Rock.

From Season One Episode 16, "Capture the Moon"
Shine On Us Now 
Moon, moon shine tonight.Hold us in your glowing light.
Soon, soon silver bright.
Fold us in your cloak of light.
And shine on us now.
Shine on us.
Now.Shine on us now.
Shine on us.
Moon, moon magic light.
Come and touch our lives tonight.
Soon, soon deep and bright.
Come to us now.
Sleep a sleep of peace tonight. Come to us.
Shine on us now.
Come to us now.
Come to us. Shine on us now.
Shine on us.
Shine on us.
When educating my daughter, I make sure I cover all the basics. I have programs for math, science, english, history, art, music, even spirituality. In my spiritual folder for my daughter, is filled with Fraggle videos and stories. As a pagan parent it is hard to find such well done and mainstream media to teach the concept of spirituality I want my daughter to learn. 

If any parent is seeking a show that promotes a healthy and beautiful form of spirituality, I fully suggest Fraggle Rock.  Fraggle rock is a wonderful show full of imagination, yet encourages critical thinking, while providing delightful and relatable characters.

In season 3 episode 1, the "Bells of Fraggle Rock" has one of the main characters Gobo, experience skepticism and begins to have his doubts about their Fraggle winter holiday traditions. It stars one of the few characters Jim Henson himself played on the show, Cantus, the leader of the Fraggle Minstrels and the Fraggle spiritual adviser and leader!

There’s a rhythm, there’s a risingThere’s a dream of green that needs to wake
A password, and a promise
That the earth will never ever break
It’s coming, feel it humming
In the hearts we share with rock and sky
So raise your voices high
Fraggle Rock doesn't not promote any particular religion, but shows how spirituality has helped people with limited understanding of the world around them and how we today still have limits in our understanding, in a humbling fashion. Fraggles show us a society where there is a limited understanding of the world outside the rock, giving a very similar perspective a child may have, when looking at the outside world from their home. In doing so, the Henson company has found wonderful ways to teach all sorts of different adult concepts to children in a less threatening manner. 

Subjects of war and death are openly discussed among the characters. Yet the show is incredibly upbeat and always has a happy ending. Each main character brings with them strengths in weakness because none of us are without talent nor are we without flaws. 

Gobo Fraggle is the leader of the group of five Fraggle friends. His strengths:Leadership, Bravery, Level headedness, His weakness: Self Doubt, can be hot tempered and inconsiderate sometimes. 

Mokey Fraggle is believed to be the oldest of the group, because she is the tallest. She is paints, write poetry, collect radishes from the Gorgs garden. Her Strengths: Spirituality, Artistic Abilities, Calm. Her Weaknesses: Not thinking things through, over sensitive, self deluded sometimes. 

Wembley Fraggle lovable, caring and always willing to please. Wembley is a true follower and has trouble making up his mind. Hence his name Wembley. His Strengths: Loyal, Non Judgemental, Extremely kind. His Weaknesses: Unable to make up his mind, often a anxious and gullible.

Red Fraggle The most adventurous, in your face and free spirited Fraggle of the group. Red is always willing to try a new death defying challenge. Her Strengths: Daring, a Powerful Leader, Athletic. Her Weaknesses: Impulsive, can be Bossy and Competitive to an extreme. 

Boober Fraggle is the most pessimistic of the group, but also seems to be the only one doing practice work such as cooking and laundry. His Strengths: Hard working, Domestic and Often the Healer. His Weaknesses: Very little joy in life, the most fearful and antisocial. 

With all their that they are, the Fraggle society is caring society. They aren't very materialistic. I haven't seen any places of business or currency among the Fraggles. They do have a tradition of giving a special round rock, called a "rollie" as a gift that is regifted from one Fraggle to another.  They met up with Kermit at Fozzies Moms Farm house in a "Muppet Family Christmas" where they explained this custom.

La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la, la-la...Pass it On!

When it's nice and bright and it brings delight, let your heart choose right , gotta...pass it on!

When it feels real good like a feeling should, then it's understood, gotta...pass it on!
When you're giving love away, love will come again to stay and what you give is what you gain when you...pass it on!
When I give a gift to you, I know you're gonna give it, too. 
That's why giving's what we do as we...pass it on!  
Pass it on! Pass it on!

Wish upon all the good things that you do.
Pass it on! Pass it on! 
When it's gone, it will bring good luck to you,
When you're giving love away, love will come again to stay.
What you give is what you gain when you...pass it on!
When I give a gift to you, I know you're gonna give it, too.
That's why giving's what we do as we...pass it on!
Pass it on!

Fraggle Rock is a wonderful to watch with your children as well as listening to their many wonderful songs! One of Fraggle Rock's greatest gifts is its wonderful music. It makes anyone at any age want to sing. They are catchy, ageless, fun and often very heartfelt. 

In loving Memory of Gerry Parkes "Doc"! 

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