Monday, November 30, 2015


As we celebrate the final harvest of the year and embrace the solstice, it is hard to ignore the goddess of agriculture, Demeter. She is often described as older, mind you she could have been in her thirties considering the time period. It is said she was still able to bare children, which she often does. The fact that she lead an interesting life, is why she isn't described as a blush cherub virgin. She is a woman who has lived life. Who has loved and suffered. Who has brought joy and left destruction.

She is a

Friend to mankind

She represents women during a time of constant war and chaos. When group of men,  soldiers, thieves, locals etc could come and kill most a villege in day.  Those who survived, were often the women, who were certainly raped.  Demeter is said to have been raped by Poseidon and bore him a daughter and horse. Long story, though the story states Demeter was angry, but choose to wash her rage away in the river of Lodan. More so, in her world and situation, there was nothing she could do, but move on. It's a sign of her endurance.

Sadly Demeter beloved daughter she conceived from Zeus, Persephone was kidnapped and raped by her uncle Hades, who took her as a bride. This was actually custom of marriage during this time period. Many weddings traditions still followed today, come from these kidnapped marriages. For example, the grooms best man was the guy who helped him kidnap the bride. However this violant act must have been heart wrenching for the parents and girls, as described in the story  Demeter's grief led to winter. Anyone who has suffered a great loss can relate to the cold bitter pain winter causes, being so symbolic of the physical chest pain of their grief.

I imagine Demeter story echo's stories of less happier ending (Demeter and Persephone are reunited) involving marriage's and slavery. These forgotten individuals are represented by these gods and we must not forget that even today in parts of Africa and Asia similar customs are still followed.

Yet, despite all the her tragedy, Demeter is still a friend to mankind. It said, she taught humanity how to use an iron shove and how to plant. She is often depicted hold wheat. She is the goddess of algraculture, grains and breads. Her mood depicts the seasons, as told in the story of Persephone kidnapping and her name though there is a conflict about which translation is correct,  "earth mother," "mother" or "giver of barley or food." I see her as both a kind and sensitive woman.

As we remember our ancestors, let us reflect on their struggles and sacrifices. We are all the decendents of such survivors. Then let us move forward with our own trials and tribulations. Afterwards, reach out to those in their time of need, especially those escaping war in the middle east, seeking refuge!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reinventing Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Thanksgiving is over and you have so much food, you aren't sure what to do with it all! Never fear the concept of a new idea! Thanksgiving foods plainness often works in its advantage.

Turkey in Bread

Turkey is a diverse food, that can be prepared and reprepared in many styles! From soups to BBQ.

Jeremy Noble at

Turkey stuffed bread, a product with a similar ideas known as hot pockets. You could look up a bread recipe to your liking, pizza dough works well. However you could make a flakey crust or something more healthy. Or you could cheat and buy the dough from the store.  You could make a big log or as small as you like.  Suggestive filling combo's.
  • Turkey, stuffing and cooked bacon. 
  • Turkey, fresh mozzarella, tomato, avocado and fresh basil.
  • Turkey, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy.
  • Turkey, ham and swiss cheese.
Children love creating their own food and letting them pick out what they like will increase the likelihood of the food being eaten. When you wrap the food in the dough make sure to cut slits on one side to realise pressure.  Baking is usually at 350 degrees, but it may vary depending on the type of bread you are using, what you filled it with and how much. Two foot breads with cooked meats take about a half hour, smaller sizes, I suggest cooking for ten minutes and check on it every five minutes until done.

Pie Filling Crêpes!
Have you had your fill of pie? Had enough of sweet cherry pie? All blueberried out? Pie like puns, may come in abundances. Rather than chuck thzvveses sweets in the trash, find a good crêpe pancake recipe, fill it with cream cheese and pie filling, warm until hot.  Top with sour cream and breakfast is served!

Green Bean Casserole Mac n Cheese!

You either love it or hate it. When I make my casserole I only use french cut green beans and add cooked bacon. However getting rid of its leftovers can be a challenge. If you have a crock pot or know how to slow cook on a stove, add your green beans and other vegetables. Don't over do it, or the kids will catch on. Add your pasta. You don't have to use macaroni pasta. Add milk instead of water to the pasta, shredded cheese, cream cheese, seasonings and butter together. Slow cooker on low for about six hours. 

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

   Children are visual creatures and dressing up the same food to look different is an age old trick.  

Use a greased cupcake pan and line individual cups with stuffing. Adding butter or cooking oil if the stuffing is very dry.  Create a hollow cup to put some turkey in the center.  Cupcakes take about twenty minutes in the oven at 350. Afterwards take an ice cream scooper and scoop up warm, sweet or mash potatoes on top. With regular mash potatoes drizzle brown gravy on top. With sweet potatoes, garnish with a small amount of cranberry sauce to look like a cherry on top.

It's easy, cute and kids love it!


Corn can be over stocked. To reduce the boundaries of corn in your refrigerator and pantry might I suggest making corn bread? Adding corn from fresh to creamed can increase its flavor. Try adding other vegetables, like peas, cooked carrot's, mushrooms, spinach, etc.... to the mix. 

Corn bread can be used as a bread, muffin, pancakes, corndogs, etc! If you have a donut hole maker, corn bread is a cute cake pop!

Another suggestion is to add corn, especially cream corn  to butter, it is very good. Add some honey for a real treat!

Peacan Pie Shakes

Peacan pie is yum, yum, yum! However it's killer on your teeth. People who suffer from dental problem's may have trouble eating a favorite treat. Try a peacan pie milk shake. Take a slice of pie to the blended then add milk and ice-cream. Blend until smooth. Pour in glass. Top with ice cream and whip cream, your have heaven!

Throw in some maple syrup to the mix, if you like it sweet. For extra creamy, add a slice of cheesecake to the mix!
Toss in a few shots of your favorite poison, for those over 21. 

Butternut Squash in Tomato Sauce

If you have leftover chunks of squash. Peel the skin off and chop the flesh fine before adding it to the sauce. You may want to cook the squash first in olive and garlic.  Serve on top of pasta and no one else the wiser!

Quick Way to get Rid of All Vegetables
with Soup

Do you have too many salad's, veggies and other nutritional item's you aren't accustom to eating? If you have a powerful blender, blend them into liquid and add to a home cooked soup or stew. 

Cranberry Sauce to Pink Cream!
A lot of people have problems with leftover cranberry sauce. Left in the refrigerator is long, it begins on melt. Never fear! 

This fruit drip recipe a friend shared with me, is not only to die for, it makes a delicious frost for a cake. It's. A lovely light pink color, with a creamy texture.

You need a bowl of whip cream. I make my own, using a quart of heavy cream. 
I have seen people use cool whip. A container if cream cheese, whipped works best.
 A can of cranberry sauce, no seeds. Whip all three ingredients with a high speed mixer, until a light pink fluff.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What to do AFTER Thanksgiving!

After Thanksgiving, you awake from your turkey coma and still have yet a whole another day with the kids home from school. While businesses try to capilize this extra time, more and more people are fighting this "Black" Friday madness. Everyone has their own reasons not to shop this day, yet what to do with all that extra free time from work and school? It seems like a silly question, but when the weather outside is cold, you can't simply make your kids play outside.

  1. The changing of the seasons, together! The winter holiday's are approaching fast. Soon you will be cooking, shopping, visiting and party hopping or working over time, your head starts to spin. Using this time together to decorate, while putting away the autumn decor of feastivies past, will easies some of your burden. Decorating often brings people into the spirit of the coming holiday's and new year!
  2. Explore old items! Go through old items of years past! Find baby clothes, old pictures, forgotten toys and other items from your trip down memory lane. 
  3. Feeling an itch to leave the house? Why not visit friends and relatives? Try to meet up with old familiar faces you rarely are able to see.
  4. Or you could go to a museum! With all that time away from school try to throw some education into the fun! 
  5. This time off is a great time to do crafts and projects with children. There are millions of ideas, from knitting to models of erupting volcanoes. This really is a great time to come up with a project to do with your children.
  6. Hiking! If it isn't too cold, hiking in the autumn woods is both beautiful and educational. The trees may be sleeping, but much of nature is wide awake. Plus fresh air and lots of walking cause children to slumber deeply.
  7. Work out any remaining gift list. Even better, try creating most of your holiday gifts this year. These can be crafts and or good deeds.  
  8. A second Thanksgiving! It sounds crazy, but sometimes one day doesn't encompass all your loved ones. Maybe you or your partners family wasn't there, friends who are like family and even a community. If you can't afford a second feast, don't feel bad me neither, try a pot luck! It might be a way to get rid of left overs BTW. Don't shy away from the idea of a block party to community gathering! The holidays were meant to be celebrated with our community!
  9. Reinvent Thanksgiving leftovers! There are lots of creative ways to eat the more common foods served on Thanksgiving day. 
  10. Volunteering! When in doubt, volunteer! If you or your children have extra time, why not put it to positive use? Volunteering from feeding the hungry, to picking up liter, there is always a need for a helping hand. This perfect for teens, but any child and adult can benefit from the act of kindness! 
  11. Rest! Sometimes you and your family need to recharge, especially for the upcoming holidays! So maybe pull out the pj's, have a turkey sandwich while introducing your kids to some timeless movies and show from your youth! Some popular ideas, The Wizard Of Oz, The Dark Crystal, Miracle of 34st, Home Alone, Snoopy's Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas.. you get the idea. Please apply common sense and make sure the show is age appropriate for all viewers.

Again, we need not waste our precious time off, but use it effectively and in the manner which is best for you and your family!