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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What to do AFTER Thanksgiving!

After Thanksgiving, you awake from your turkey coma and still have yet a whole another day with the kids home from school. While businesses try to capilize this extra time, more and more people are fighting this "Black" Friday madness. Everyone has their own reasons not to shop this day, yet what to do with all that extra free time from work and school? It seems like a silly question, but when the weather outside is cold, you can't simply make your kids play outside.

  1. The changing of the seasons, together! The winter holiday's are approaching fast. Soon you will be cooking, shopping, visiting and party hopping or working over time, your head starts to spin. Using this time together to decorate, while putting away the autumn decor of feastivies past, will easies some of your burden. Decorating often brings people into the spirit of the coming holiday's and new year!
  2. Explore old items! Go through old items of years past! Find baby clothes, old pictures, forgotten toys and other items from your trip down memory lane. 
  3. Feeling an itch to leave the house? Why not visit friends and relatives? Try to meet up with old familiar faces you rarely are able to see.
  4. Or you could go to a museum! With all that time away from school try to throw some education into the fun! 
  5. This time off is a great time to do crafts and projects with children. There are millions of ideas, from knitting to models of erupting volcanoes. This really is a great time to come up with a project to do with your children.
  6. Hiking! If it isn't too cold, hiking in the autumn woods is both beautiful and educational. The trees may be sleeping, but much of nature is wide awake. Plus fresh air and lots of walking cause children to slumber deeply.
  7. Work out any remaining gift list. Even better, try creating most of your holiday gifts this year. These can be crafts and or good deeds.  
  8. A second Thanksgiving! It sounds crazy, but sometimes one day doesn't encompass all your loved ones. Maybe you or your partners family wasn't there, friends who are like family and even a community. If you can't afford a second feast, don't feel bad me neither, try a pot luck! It might be a way to get rid of left overs BTW. Don't shy away from the idea of a block party to community gathering! The holidays were meant to be celebrated with our community!
  9. Reinvent Thanksgiving leftovers! There are lots of creative ways to eat the more common foods served on Thanksgiving day. 
  10. Volunteering! When in doubt, volunteer! If you or your children have extra time, why not put it to positive use? Volunteering from feeding the hungry, to picking up liter, there is always a need for a helping hand. This perfect for teens, but any child and adult can benefit from the act of kindness! 
  11. Rest! Sometimes you and your family need to recharge, especially for the upcoming holidays! So maybe pull out the pj's, have a turkey sandwich while introducing your kids to some timeless movies and show from your youth! Some popular ideas, The Wizard Of Oz, The Dark Crystal, Miracle of 34st, Home Alone, Snoopy's Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas.. you get the idea. Please apply common sense and make sure the show is age appropriate for all viewers.

Again, we need not waste our precious time off, but use it effectively and in the manner which is best for you and your family!

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