Sunday, March 1, 2015


Altars can come in many forms and fashions, especially today. A personal altar is a space which is both personal and sacred. This space can be an area you preserve or an item/s you use for spiritual enhancement. Altars can be communal or individual, to reflect your entire family or just yourself. An altar should be as unique as the person or persons it represents.

Often when altars are brought up, it's often for a ritual or meditation. When in reality, altars can posses practical purposes in daily life. Many people use them to set the mood for each month, based off of the season, holidays and personal days that pertain month, such as birthdays. They don't just provide for your spiritual needs, but will help you with your organizational skills, especially for children. Taking the time to set up and maintain an alter will you focus on your goals, while giving you the discipline of its up keep. 


The Traditional Altar: it is often what a we envision when we think of altars. A table or shelf of some kind, that we set up for group or individual spiritual and or ritual needs. Most people have some kind of traditional altar in their home.
Some are even unintended. It could be a small table in a corner somewhere with your candles, crystals and whatever you use for your intended purposes. It can also be that table in you living room with a pictures of your family and a few items that hold significants.

The Home as an Altar: It helps set the energy of the home. One very religious Christian women I know personally keeps her windowpaine has her altar. Every month she goes all out and decorated this section reflecting each month. She unaware the depth of her actions, but through her domestics she has mad several little alters throughout her home. In doing this the house too turns with wheel of the year. This enhance the holidays and the energy flow of the house.

Nature's Altar: can be out doors if you have a safe and private location or you could bring nature into your home. For those blessed with green thumbs, are able to produce garden altars that are a testament of time and patience. Gardening truly allow you to tap into energy from its source. The soil, the water, the creepy crawlers and animals that come, are your tools and insight.

The Portable Altar: are a part of our daily lives. There is no avoiding them. Whether it is a silk bag you carry your tarot cards in, a shoe box with your ritual items, a brief case you take to work, a back pack for school, gym bag for your work out, even your car. Each of these items server a duty to you and your families life. They If things seem overwhelming, look to these alters, for they may be neglected, making your life difficult.

The Electronic Altar: these are modern times and by all means, our modern instruments such as computers, cell phones, game consoles, tablets, etc... are very much an alter. Whether you are embodying a warrior in a game of call of duty, zoning out to your favorite song from your phone or simply looking up anything on the world wide web. These devices, like any altar, is simply a tool, for both practical and spiritual purposes. 

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