Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day and the Divine Feminine

Dedicated to
 my Mother

Long ago, my mothers Mother's Day, was a day we celebrated our mom. We picked her flowers, decorated her a card, made her breakfast in bed with coffee including the grinds in the cup. It was the day we automatically made offering to our divine feminine, our mother. Times have changed and the modern family is no longer viewed in just the 1950s black and white ideals. 

Via Australian Marriage Equality
Statue of a mother at the
Yasukuni shrine,
dedicated to
 war widows
who raised their children alone.

Children now grow up in variety of different homes. Some have two parents, some only have one, while others may have four or more. Some live with grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, same sex parents and many other varieties in between. 

Some times the child has a mother, other times aunts, grandmothers or one or two dads filling this role. The reality is the divine feminine is not limited to just our mothers, but to all that is feminine, bring out this energy, which Hinduism refers to as Shakti.


Hera: Symbolizes loyal spouse, home, domestics, motherhood, child birth. However Hera also reflects those jealously, betrayed by partner or suffered from an unhappy relationship.

Isis: Symbolizes single parents and widow/ers. Those whom are or have grieved over the loss of a partner and parents who must battle the task of two roles. This can apply to single fathers as well.

Gaia: Symbolizes pregnant mothers  people trying to conceive, those awaiting to adopt or require a surrogate. She is life, for she is the earth that inhabits us. We are forever embraced in Gaias womb.

Demeter: Symbolizes parents who lost a child to death or has placed up for adoption. With the loss comes hope of seeing the lost child, either in the next life or when the child is legally an adult reuniting with their biological parent.

Venus: Symbolizes the virgin or the inexperienced mother, such as a first time mother or even a bride hoping for a honeymoon baby.

Brigid the Triple Goddesses: Symbolizes universal feminine, the maiden, mother and crone. She can symbols your daughter, mother and grandmother all in one. Convenient if you have limited ritual space. 

Ninhursag: Symbolizes pregnant women, breastfeeding women, surrogate mother's, step parents, nurtures, care takers, parent/s of a newborn. This can apply to the child primary caregiver, nannies and nurses, especially midwives and ob gyns.

Frigg: Symbolizes parents of older children and military families. Often strong and wise. She is the parent who has seen it all. She represents military personnel/ parents, parents of military personnel and their spouses.

The Virgin Mary: Symbolizes pregnant girls or parents in trouble. Very commonly teenager parents, but parents who are out cast among society, such as those with criminal records, unpopular religion or political views or even age old racism and bigotry. During the time of Mary pregnancy, she risked being stone to death. Mary may symbols your Christian relatives, but she also represents those on the opposite side of societies stones.

Sarah: Symbolizes women of upper status. This could be a career like legislator, a marriage such as the cliche of marrying a doctor or the family matriarch. She also represents parents who had children later in life. If you have Jewish relatives or wish to embrace Jewish mysticism, Sarah wife of Abraham is the feminine root.

Amman: Symbolizes protectors and those who cure disease. This Hindu goddess represents doctors, nurses and caregivers, both professional and personal.

Guanyin: Symbolizes mercy, mother's or those who care for a child/ren as their own. Guanyin literally translates to perceiving the sounds of the world. She is a great listener and those who embody her traits, like forgiving parents, devoted foster parents, loving adopted parents and all the good listener's of the world.

Theses are but a few of the deities that express the feminine point of view. There are many more and even my examples come in many names.

You may wish to invoke these deities for guidance, draw in their qualities or uses this figures to represent the divine feminine in yourself or those you love. 

May the divine feminine in your life 
bless you 
Happy Mother's Day!

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