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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ice Cream For Breakfast

I like most people have an addiction, to sugar and salt. Our society has made popular foods, condensed with one or both of these substances.
Our taste buds are effected with a lifetime of salt and sugar over load, making it harder for us to enjoy other flavors the world has to offer. I still struggled to make myself eat and drink the right foods, which if I don't fix, my health will suffer, limiting my abilities and life span.

For my child, I hope to give her a better relationship with food than what I had. It has not been easy, family and society often feel threatened by this notion and it's been an up hill battle all the way.  I do this for my daughter, because I really love her and want to expand her pallet to other taste, than salty and sweet.

One important key aspect is to feed her healthy foods with natural sweeteners like fresh fruit. Sometimes very small amounts of honey, real maple syrup and on occasion sugar can be added, but never allowing the sweetness (or saltiness ) to be over bearing.

Along with trying to encourage a diet low in sugar and salt, but filled with my kids daily nutritional needs. Most important of all, it has to be visually appealing and taste good. Here is a great ideas to help out.

Ice cream for breakfast

Ice cream pops and a blender.

WHAT!!!! You may be maybe saying, but you honestly can make chocolate ice cream a healthy breakfast food.


1 Avocado soft
1/2 lemon
Coconut, almond, rice, cow milk or yogurt.
1/2 cup of sweet fruit
Optional 1/2 cup or less of vegetables you may want to sneak in.
Honey, sugar, maple syrup or any sweetener to preferences. If your family is use too sweets, you can lessen the sugar context over time, to ween them off the sugar.
Unsweetened cocoa powder to preferences
2-4 orange wedges.

First peel avocado and remove pit. Place in a bowl, squeeze lemon on top and around the avocado and allow it to soak.

In blender add your milk, sweet fruit, added vegetables, blend until liquid.

After avocado has soaked in the lemon for about 10-15 minutes, add to mix, along with sweetener and coco. Blend until it looks like chocolate pudding.

Place mix in bowl. Then squeeze orange wedges in mix, add more coco and sweetener for personal preference.

Put the mix in ice pop containers, add stick, put in freezer until frozen.

This can be a dessert or a light meal. You can add infant oatmeal to make it a more filling meal.  I once added slices of strawberries and banana inside the ice containers after adding the mix. It was a big hit.

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