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Thursday, September 11, 2014

the Teenager!

Her mother was a Victorian!

Out of all the different labels out there, one group is often overlooked in praise, overtly feared, primarily judged, least understood, which leads to them being aggressively controlled and penalised.

Don't do that thing
your grandpa did during the war!
Grandma showing off her pelvis!

Mom's hypocrisy!

The teenager, first to be locked up by authorities and first to be sent to war. Needless to say, the teenager gets a bad wrap from society. The time between childhood to adulthood, is a gray area, with diverse differences from the two groups they linger between. This time period is an important part of one's life. Its a defining aspect for most, as they separate themselves from generations past. Mainly their parents, but also society at large. It is a time of sexual fever, as hormones shape the nearly genderless body of a child into a man or woman. They naturally feel the desire to push away their past and embrace a future foreign to all generations present and past. Teenagers possess the power to sway society from fashion to war. Which is why authorities tend to have trouble with this age group the most. As the older generations may have the rules of today on their side, the teenager had already mastered the technology that will over throw the pasts powers. Teenagers, are scary to those who fear the future, for they are the reminder of their own mortality.
All about the Mtv!
Being a teenager isn't easy for most people. It's bad enough in dealing with the judgment of peers, but the condemnation of their elders. Always labeled lazy, yet difficult for many to find a job. Piled with expectations, with school, sports, extracurricular activities, for the dream to fall into crushing debt, just to have a job. Teenagers don't have it as easy as adults would like to believe. So I say you, be understanding of the teenager and all their faults. Allow your age to give you patience when dealing with them. Remember that they are struggling in their ever changing role from child to adult. Show them kindness.
Why are we attacking teenagers today
 for practicing a trend we started!

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