Sunday, September 28, 2014

YouTube page!!!

I dedicate this this blog post to Jim Henson, happy belated birthday, and blessings to all who are part of the Jim Henson company.

Having lived the nomadic life as a child and my education suffered as a result of the constant change in curriculum, teachers, expectation , etc.. which is why I'm a huge supporter of education and alternative methods to educate children. When it comes to education, one key factor I feel is extremely important, is to encourage people of any age to enjoy learning. Learning had become a chore, causing students to suffer from mind blocks and can lead to difficulty in understanding new subjects.

Rather than view education in a negative fashion, I suggest a more pleasant approach. I'm admit, to being of the mind set of rather than change the child to make her or him learn, we should change our methods of learning. Our goal is to teach, not persevere out dated ideas.

I have started a page on YouTube, it is a work in progress, while being up dated. Also, I welcome any videos you may suggest. Please post them in the comments and if I think they are appropriate I will add them.
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