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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A personal note from the author

I wish to clarify some of my ideas and meaning behind my line of thinking..
Quite often I am mistaken as an atheist. I am not but I can understand why someone would get that impression. I am not personally offended that other people do not belief in a god. I see it as none of my business, to gives a (naughty-word)! I support keeping religion out of government and religious freedom. Apparently, that makes me extreme.

My view of god separates myself from even many polytheist and more so with monotheist. Gods have longed had many definitions, but unfortunately it has been combined with the notion of a creator. God or gods does not always mean creator. I follow the belief that god or gods are concepts that have developed a life of their own that lives on beyond its original creation.

These concepts are many, love and war, are two prime examples. Love and war, two concepts that are known in many forms. We often experience them through passion and conflict, they create life and death. They are both celebrated in many forms, ritual holidays included. Valentine's day and any countries independence day, for example. They come in symbols, heart and gun. Theses two concepts are so tie into our species nature, has altered our very labor of existence.

Of course, gods are formed from these concepts. Venus and Mars, as they ancient Greeks called them. They had many names.
They are ideas that have formed a life on its own. They are a creation of man, but two key components in our species evolution.

When I call on a god, it is the idea of what that represents. It being a literal being or simply a metaphor, honestly doesn't matter, it is the out of the idea, which changes always and keeps it alive. The key to the immortality of any god.

There is one term I truly disagree with is  "higher power." What is a higher power exactly? The vastness of space, is a size that is mind blowing. Yet the universe, as vast as it is, is not able to appreciate itself on all of its glory. Mountains can be created, craved and destroyed by a small stream of water and time. A volcano may have destroyed Pompeii, but Vesuviua never wrote a poem. So I don't believe in a higher power, but a different power.

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