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As Samhain approaches so does our cultural candy day, Halloween. I like to remind parents everywhere, that we can provide a fun and healthy holiday for our children without allowing them to pig out on store bought candy.

On holidays, it's natural children should have some treats, but what those treats are, are in our power.
First, how do you avoid all this junk food on a night such as Halloween. Well one of the simplest ways, is host your own party. Allowing you control of what's on the menu.

Whether you have a party or not it's important you provide your children special holiday treats that not only taste good, but look appealing. The secret is, finger foods! 

Making a spread of delicious treats, preferably home made and with your children actively involved. Cooking is a great way to bond and a useful life skill. Decorate a table in the house on Halloween, even if you go out. Be creative and festivel. 


My favorite part of Halloween. The process of wandering the night in a costume, collecting candy, fills me with thrills. I knew I could never deny this experience from my children. Yet how does one trick or treat and not allow your children to eat candy?  

If your children are older and have experienced the traditional Halloween traditions, you can't avoid it altogether.

You will have to allow SOME, but you can limit the amount and hold onto the candy after the festivities. With younger children, you can snatch the candy up and out of sight, out of mind.

Personal Story

Last year on Halloween, I took my daughter out for her first real trick or treating at the age of two.

When walked back to our house, some trick or treaters had come to our door, but we had no candy. My precious little girl reached into her basket and handed generously amounts of candy for each kid. She did this on her own, without even my suggestion. My heart swelled with pride and joy.

 Now what to do with all that candy!
I'm against being wasteful, so throwing out the candy isn't an option. I admit, last year my husband and I ate the candy. Which is an option but not the healthiest.

You can use the candy to make small gift baskets, you and your child can give them to night shift workers. Community helpers, such as emergency room workers, fire houses, police, ambulance etc, can benefits from a sugar rush in doing there jobs, which can be exhilarating.You can give out small goodie bags to give to friends, family teachers and other facility in the school. A sort of random act if kindness.

Candy the art medium
 You can save the candy for art projects.


You can use them for scientific experiments and projects. 

My motto is, you don't have to do things exactly the same, to have the special experience. 

Ps. When it come to giving out treats to trick or treaters, I by no means imply that you give out home made treats. You can instead of giving out candy, give stickers, plastic toys or fresh uncut fruit with a peel. Such as oranges or bananas. 
Also bottles of water is a great treat to give out. The kids are doing a lot of walking. Best to keep them hydrated.
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