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Saturday, January 17, 2015


The wheel of the year has turned towards the first signs of spring! To our ancestors this as a great time of rejoice, for the long winter days were finely heading towards their end and the fertility of spring awaited. To us of the modern day, we can still relate to the change in the season, which is a great time to start planning things out for this year.
Traditionally in our resolutions are suppose to start January 1st, but let's be honest, no one isn't going to throw all that extra food from the holidays. Your resolution could be to exercise, however you may visualize yourself running in the park before work, but in the current state of the weather may put this plan on hold. Even if you're dreaming about exercising out doors or at gym, there no reason not to begin doing warm up exercise to prepare you for your goals.
Our ancestors understood this period of rest after rest and when restlessness sets in. Now that the holidays of the years past are over, it's time to put away all the holiday decor. Before you store the winter holiday items, maybe clean out that attic, closet, shed, garage, basement, extra room, etc... Empty out all the old food in the refrigerator, clean out the shelves and restock with healthier food. This is a time to put the dreams into reality. Farmers would often order seeds for their crops this time of year, now we try to make plans for our dreams and future. This is a time of renewal, so this is a good time for spiritual cleansing and nurturing. This is a time understanding that what is good for us is not the same as what we want. This is a time of embracing self control, self restraint and firmer form of self love.

While adults, struggling with worries of weight, money matters, relationships, and all that exist in our world, our children are not without potential of growing and learning.

Suggestions for young children

1. Cleaning and cleansing their room: if they are young, help them sort out items and teach your children how and where to put their stuff away.
You may want to use this this time to repaint walls, repair items, redecorate, rearrange furniture, rid yourself of old items, while collecting new. Teach your children how to cleanse their space to make it their own. Let the room symbolizes tranquility.

2. Eating Better: there are several ways to achieve this goal. One of the best ways is not to buy the wrong foods at the store anymore. I also strongly suggest cooking at home, as a family affair. Rather than make the same old items, dare to be different and try to learn another cultures recipe. Make sure to have lots of tasty and healthy snacks available.

3. Becoming better students: whether you have concerns or you simply feel this is something that deserves more attention, your child's education is very important and this is a great time to focus on issues, as well as praise accomplishments.
You may want to start reading with your child more, make plans for educational trips, look up a tutor, find other means to help your child learn. Simply being involved helps their odds. Look into online learning programs, as well as hand on activity groups as options in helping your child learn.

4. Achieve Milestones: it was around this time last year, I said "no more diapers"  and struggled with potty training for months.
A year later, my daughter is very much potty trained and all that dirty laundry was worth it. This is a good time to learn for your little one to tie shoe laces, dress themselves, go on a first sleep over or simply spending more time with peers than with their parents.

5. Chores: should be a part of your child's life as early as three. Cleaning habits are most effective when taught young. Approach the subject as a life lesson to ensure a cleaner and healthier life. You might want to make a chore list. Be fair!
Don't be sexist in the chores. Make sure both genders can cook, shop, clean, do basic car maintenance, mow a lawn, shovel snow, vacuum, do laundry, etc... these are important skills that will greatly benefit anyone.

6. Exercise: being stuffed up inside during the cold months can be rough on children. Best to find healthy ways to help expel all that pent up energy. This a good time to start exercising as a family. Maybe take up some yoga, learn to dance, help your kids get ready for a spring time sport and other physical activities to help your children stay healthy and fit.

7. Craft or Hobby to do together as a family or for the child to by his or herself. Life isn't all about being clean, healthy or smart, it should be fun. Keeping your child active with new crafts and hobbies will expand their interest and help them grow.

This Imbolc 
give you 
and your family 
a brighter New Year!

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