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The ever changing Gods of 2015!

If you haven't read "A Personal note from the author," please do so first.
Many years ago, an idea was born. With that idea, came another idea. With each new idea, several more came with them. They multiply, for they were fruitful. Those idea's formed words and thoughts, developed concepts and those concepts embedded themselves into our culture. Our ancestors when dealing with theses ideas created some of theses ideas into gods and theses beings were able to translate to what they represent to the mortal world. The evolution of theses ideas is still an ever changing process and so too are the gods. Here are a few examples of my own analysis of theses now modern gods and goddesses.

For myself, it is important that the idea I'm looking to bring to my life should be obvious I've choose to uses video programs, (since television is now out of date) to show this modern interpretation of theses gods. Video is a fantastic medium that gives the viewer so much, from sight and movement, to sound and colour. Video has given us a way to see others in a realistic manner. From this medium, naturally gods and goddesses will take hold of it.

Hera to Peggy Bundy 

In ancient Greece and Rome, Hera represented housewives from ideal families. The refined image of marriage and respected motherhood. The truth was Hera marriage was awful and it brought out the worse in her. Fast forward to the 1980s and here comes Peggy Bundy (Played by Kate Sagal) from the hit sitcom "Married with Children ". Although her husband was no Zeus, Peggy like Hera, isn't happy with her marriage, but both are loyal to her their significant other. Credit to Al, he remains faithful to Peg, although both enjoyed going to strip clubs. Some people may become offended that I would compare Hera Queen of Mt. Olympus to Peggy Bundy, America's favorite couch potato. Lucky for me Peg can hold her own. She having married a shoe salesmen of minimum wage nearly thirty years ago, is a home owner. Time itself along with inflation has raised Peg's status to middle class by default. She is suppose to be lazy, yet her house remained clean. Her daughter is the embodiment of every single blond stigma, from being overtly sexually permissive to a level of stupid, one could label retarded.
 Yet her daughter manages to graduate high school and held several job's that were far better than most. (Who wouldn't want to be the Verminator?) Pegs son maybe considered unattractive in their world, but is above average intelligence, but he seems to condemned to the Bundy curse. Much can be said about Peggy, ex bad girl with a reputation she was proud of and born of hill folks. Peggy's life has never been easy, but she manages to rise out on top. She was doing what now refer as "Life Hacks" before there was a term for it. She manages to feed her spending addiction, yet the lights never go off at that house. She fines a way or even better get Al to do it. She is a symbol of a part of humanity, the difficulties people struggle through during a marriage. In ancient Greece it is Hera, but today its Peg. She reminds us that even when things aren't as you hoped, you can still figure out ways to get your neighbor to bake you cookies, while sitting down on your favorite yellow couch (thrones are uncomfortable!) watching Oprah, as the well trained dog picks up dirty clothes.

 Peggy Bundy has done Hera proud. 

Buddha and Mister Roger's

Although Buddha was a real person, a philosopher. Buddhism a philosophy, which develop the concepts Buddha symbolizes. These concepts cries out harmony, peace, balance in life, which has in fact defied itself.
Mr. Roger's a Presbyterian Minster, I'm sure also had no intention of being deified, has inconsequentially mirrored Buddhas concepts to several generations of children.

Deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.”  Fred Rogers

He played a gentle soul, who never seemed to raise his voice. He believed in education, compassion and had a strong dislike for people insulting each other. Since Misters Roger's death, his concepts evolved into Daniel Tiger's from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood." Daniel Tiger a preschooler little Tiger who lives with Mom and Dad in the Land of Make Believe. It has evolved even more, being that its animated it appeals more to todays preschooler. In the 1960s, Mr. Rogers had children of all races playing on his show and now one of the characters is a little girl called Miss Elaina, who comes from a biracial family. This very much reflects the peace and harmony Mr. Rogers projected all those years and still does today.

Mister. Rogers

The Crone AKA Sophia Petrillo
Old and wise, this ancient mother comes with many names, in many forms, but to me Sophia Petrillo (Played by Estelle Getty) from the hit sitcom the Golden Girls will always be my favorite fictional Crone. She images the quintessential Italian grandmother. Sharp, to the point, there is never any wonder to what is on her mind. She embodies so many peoples grandmothers, grandfathers, older relatives and loved ones of age. She is a hearth witch at heart Sophia, with her love of cooking, mostly Italian food. Making sharp wit remarks to her roommates and daughter, all while making some home sauce (in her cauldron) from scratch and pop a cheese cake in the oven. She can be a dream grandmother and the mother from Hell. Her impulsive and rambunctious mouth and actions can get her into a world of trouble or worse, "Shady Pines!" She makes a feisty Crone.
Yet no matter how much trouble Sophia gets into, her wisdom makes up for her heartache. She is the last mother, for she is motherless and is the next in line for death, she wears her matriarch as a badge of honor. She was the least vain and self conscious of the four and still managed to have a sex life. She loves her children, but is always critical, only because she believes they just need to realize their true potential. She is old fashion and can be mean. Yet in the end, she is a mothers of the past. She of a time we will never know and she still appreciates. We can only appreciate her situation, when it is our turn to live through Autumn of our life walking to the Winter lands. 

Shalom Estelle Getty!
Thank you
for portraying such a character!

War Gods, Try Wolverine!
War gods are always a favorite in mythology and today. Gods like Thor, Aeres, Morgan and heroes such as Odysseas, King Arthur, Wolverine, theses characters struggle incredible odds to achieve their goals.
A strong and dedicated solider, Wolverine was well trained to the dirtiest work for those with ill intentions. Armed with the power of fast healing and an unbreakable skeleton, Wolverine appears unstoppable in the face of his enemies. Giant Sentinels , corrupt governments, crazy ego manic trying to take over the world, none will stand a chance. His long claws that come out of his the back of hands are both intimating and aweinspring.  Even holding a replica of those claws can make even the weakest feel ready to fight.
 Yet Wolverine  is often plagued by turmoil, making him the tragic hero, often not getting the girl he wants or losing her in death. He is curse with near mortality and a loneliness only an immoral would truly understand. He symbolizes any fighter who feels alone and rejected by society. He often reflects soldiers have seen combat, may suffer from PTSD, may feel depressed, rage disorders and other psychology trauma.
Too much a killer to live in society, but not evil to enjoy the work he is so good at. One of his saving graces, is he is a protector.
When not under someone else control, he fiercely protects those who are not able to protect themselves. Whether it is monsters under the bed, the entrances of your front door or your left arm as a tattoo, Wolverine is a powerful protector.

 Just don't be a dick, 
he doesn't like that.

Your gods should be personal. They should identify with your life and what you hope to accomplish. When you see them, they cause you to pause and think about their meaning. Do not fear symbolism, even  new kinds. We are ever changing as a culture, society and species. 

Finding which gods talk to you can come in many angles. Be open to embracing a more modern view of the same old stories and keep the ideas growing. 

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