Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Self-Immolation by Fire

Same-sex marriage is officially legal in every state!

Congratulations from
 Proud Pagan Parents!
(Expect a post on this joyous subject in the near future.)

While this cause for celebration, no rainbow forms without a storm. The lightening tongue of many religious leaders who swore they would set themselves on fire in protest, if this the marital laws changed. Low and behold, nothing so far. Protest has been apart of our society since we first established government. When someone commits suicide as their protest, it definitely brings it up a notch. The fact that there is a cause so great a person is willing to die for and never reap the reward of their sacrifice. Naturally this will draw attention.

Self-Immolation is the act of suicide for a cause or belief, often by fire and it's quite effective. It leaves a lasting impression by those who either witnessed or heard of the death. 

By no means do I suggest anyone actually do this, but one has to wrap their head around the notion of the immense pain of burning to death is like .

What would drive a person to do this? 

Often when someone from a richer country, like the USA, set themselves on fire,  often a suicide or an attempt. Though I'm not to saying suicide isn't an issue, it is simply a different reason for the same action. To choose to end your life for a cause is literally giving yourself completely away in one of the most excruciating ways in doing so.

This action is far more common in countries with high poverty and less technological advance. More common than not, these people have nothing else to lose and burning to death symbolizes the pain in life they suffered. Then in extreme rare cases, a person who has a considerable well life, based on their countries definition, who are so empathetic to the pain of others that they end their happy life to try and change what they see as a great wrong. These people could be wealthy in many ways and not always with money. They were happy and comfortable, whatever that is, from a mansion to the biggest tent of the tribe. That whole camel through a needle idea.

This not an action a coward could perform.

So what reasons would someone do this?

Thích Quảng Đức- 1897-1963 He was a Buddhist monk who protested the South Vietnamese government treatment of Buddhist. 

A great many individuals from Tibet have set themselves on fire in protest of treatment from the Chinese government treatment of Buddhist and or the Tibetan people. 

Charles Moore- 1934-2014 Set himself a blaze in protest his home towns racism.

These were individuals, for better or for worse, who believed in their cause. Which  is not something I can say about the multitudes of religious individuals threatening to actually go through with such an action over same-sex marriage. Even those who threatened to end their lives over the supreme court ruling, realize that the threat they preach from the pulpit isn't worth their own life. Some might have believed their words, but actions naturally leads to cold feet. That is millions of years of self preservation one would have to over come to do this.
The fact is, same-sex marriage isn't a real threat to anything but their pride. That sting these oppressive people feel when reminded they have to share their country with other people. They hid behind claims of morals to discriminate against consenting adults sexual rights. They have caused long term same-sex partners to be separated by medical staff when one gets ill. They have prevented children in the foster care system, from finding legally adopted homes with same-sex parents. These are not the behaviors of selfless individuals standing up for what they believe in, but opportunists capitalizing on the moment. They have caused much pain and suffering to others, but are not willing to suffer themselves.

I honestly hope these individuals learned a lesson about the commitments they make. Maybe instead of being willing to threaten their own life over a subject that doesn't actually affect their lives and get over it or live up to their promise.

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