Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice, Father's Day and the divine Masculine

The Summer Solstice and Father's Day are on the same day this year. It is the longest day of the year and a day we have honored our fathers, with ties, mugs that read "World's Greatest Dad!", T-shirts with our hand prints and anything masculine your father was into. This is time when we embrace concepts we perceive as masculine, for both the Summer Solstice and Fathers Day are celebrations of masculinity. Today, we acknowledge that the family dynamic is changing. Just as some children don't have mothers, others may not have fathers and some have neither parent. Again, the masculine role can be filled by someone other than the biological father. If you have any questions, see my article "Mother's Day and the Divine Feminine." Pretty much switch mother with father and you have the same concept.

With the combination of the two holidays, the divine Masculine energies are stronger with the shared energies. In this, we should embrace these ideas we consider masculine. This is a time to be more confident, look others in the eye. Take charge of your personal life, your career, your past and your future. This is a time to be assertive and take power back you have given others. Empower yourself!

Some suggestions in taking control of your life

  1. Eat healthy. Don't give in to comfort foods. Take charge. Keep water by your bed. Stop buying junk food, except for special occasions.
  2. Exercise. Wake up early and/or take an hour before bed to do some physical activities. This will help give you discipline and focus.
  3. Take time to do something nice for yourself every once in a while. 
  4. Socialize, as often as you can. Make friends and spend time with them.
  5. Set goals, figure out a plan and achieve said goal.
  6. Make love with passion.
  7. Make time for nature.
  8. Read.
  9. Meditate
  10. Dress up and shine.

Divine Fathers
Odin, military families have much more struggles than most other families. Long time apart between military personnel and family, PTSD, moving around and many other conflicts that most families wouldn't be able to relate. No matter if this is your current life or your past, the All Father is both wise and kind.

Green Man, the masculine appreciation of nature. Can also symbolizes someone who does gardening, farming or landscaping. He also symbolizes fertility if you are seeking to have a child.

Cernunnos, Hunter, the provider. He put the food on the table and taught you how to survive. He also a god of nature and fertility, but he is a god of presence. Large horns, says enough. Though you may not want to imagine your father in that way.

King David, Dad with a serious past. Sometimes dad's road was bumpier than most, like literally fighting giants bumpy. He may not be your closest parent, you might be one of more than he fully knows about or he simply just isn't around as much as a child may want, but when you see him, he has some stories to tell.

Dagda, a father you admire. He is a leader and respected. You are proud of this person and hold them in high regards. He is anyone from a king to a scout leader. He has class and justice figured out.

Zeus, the tramp. Have a lot of half siblings and dad may only shows up when his wife tries to kill you? Seriously, if your family is a combination of problems such as this, then Greek god of lightning, has an electrifying personal life. His life could out do any soap opera, he openly marries his sister and has numerous sexual affairs.

Saint Joseph, the non biological father. According to Christian beliefs, Joseph was not Jesus's biological father, but married Jesus's mother Mary and officially claimed her child and raised him as his own. Joseph is that person who manned up to another man's responsibility. Swell guy. Sometimes he symbolizes that parent who adopts a child officially, like a legal adopted parents. He can also symbolizes god/s parents, foster parents, older siblings, step parents, teachers, etc.... he comes in many forms.

Osiris, deceaced father/parent. If our parents are lucky, we will outlive them. A parent who has died may be someone you never knew or someone you knew well and any in between. Osiris helps you connect with your past with death.

Prometheus, a person who sacrificed his life or freedom. He could symbolize any solider who has died or has survived torture. He symbolizes every firefighter in New York, during the 9/11 attacks. Those who made great sacrifice for selfless means deserve such respect.

May your Solstice fires burn bright, 
may your days give you what you need 
and if course, 
Happy Father's Day!

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